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Nail and foot care at the clinic "4. Dimensija”

Curative pedicure

Curative pedicure – prevention of foot and nail diseases, issues caused by external factors and preventive care of the feet and toenails is done by a podiatrist – a highly qualified specialist (medical practitioner). The podiatrists at the clinic "4. Dimensija" work as gently as possible, using podiatry equipment of the latest generation and therapeutic foot care products. We ensure hygienic standards of a medical facility, and therefore high level of safety and service.

Podiatrists’ services are particularly valuable for patients with diabetes, when foot care requires special knowledge and skills, and for the elderly patients, who find it physically difficult to take proper care of their feet and toenails.  Well-kept feet and comfort increase a person's quality of life and emotional well-being.

Safer with a podiatrist!

A podiatrist is a medical practitioner. Even during a preventive visit, a podiatrist is able to spot not only cosmetic defects but also possible medical issues and risks and refer the client to the appropriate medical specialist (e. g., suspicious skin and blood vessel masses, signs of dermatological and endocrinological diseases, allergy symptoms, etc.) in good time.

Podiatrist deal with:

  • prevention, care, rehabilitation, treatment of foot issues;
  • diabetic foot care;
  • treatment of callosities; 
  • treatment of skin thickening; 
  • ingrown nail treatment;
  • nail correction; 
  • treatment and management of fungal nails;
  • laser treatment for nail fungus (dermatologist’s consultation is required);
  • treatment of skin cracks;
  • nail prosthetics;
  • nail  varnishing  after treatment etc.

Disinfection of footwear

The clinic's podiatry office has a KLENZ shoe disinfection equipment for eliminating germs, bacteria, and fungi in shoes. During one visit, the client can take care of both their feet and their shoes.

Manicure (for women and men)

Not only does manicure make your nails look beautiful and well cared for, but also help to keep them healthy. Regular manicure can help prevent cracking and brittle nails, as well as promote blood circulation to the tissues around the nails, making them stronger and healthier.


Manicure is a nail care treatment that can be a relaxing and enjoyable process for the client and a creative and inspiring endeavour for the professional, creating aesthetic and well-executed nail designs using a variety of colours and techniques.

Manicure has become an important beauty ritual that helps to highlight and enhance the appearance for both women and men.

Well-groomed hands are everyone's calling card. Now, men are also increasingly thinking about how to make a good impression; a neat haircut and well-groomed nails are the primary things that other people pay attention to. Children and young people often need manicures too; we offer manicure from the age of seven.

Manicure services available:

  • curative manicure without varnish (for women, men, children, and young people);
  • curative manicure using a therapeutic gel (for women, men, children, and young people);
  • French manicure;
  • manicure with Gelish;
  • Japanese manicure.


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