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Waxing is one of the most common ways to remove unwanted hair without completely destroying the hair follicle. Waxing is suitable in cases where you need to get rid of unwanted hair quickly and for a relatively long time. With regular waxing, the hairs become more fragile and their quantity decreases. Different types of waxes and resins are used for waxing. Considering the wide range of manufacturers, it is recommended to leave the choice of wax to a professional. 

It should be noted that waxing is not painless – the sensitivity during the procedure depends on the area to be treated, the intensity of the hair and the individual pain threshold.

The course of the procedure: wax is applied to the skin using sheets of special material (for warm wax) or without them (for hard or hot wax), hair is removed with a rapid movement against the direction of hair growth. This is followed by the application of care products that have both a soothing and anti-hair regrowth effect.

Waxing areas: face, armpits, legs, hands, back, bikini area.

Waxing can also be done at home, however, in a professional's office, the procedure will be faster, less painful, and the risk of ingrown hairs will be reduced. 

Recommendations for waxing to be effective:

  • the hairs should be about 0.5 cm long;
  • before and after the procedure: it is not advisable to sunbathe, visit the solarium, swimming pool, sauna, as well as perform any activities associated with increased sweating;
  • after waxing, it is recommended to choose underwear made of natural material.


Gita  Gurska

Gita Gurska



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