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Dermatologist at the clinic 4. Dimensija

Today, the boundary between the scope of activity of a dermatologist and a cosmetologist is very narrow – an unresolved cosmetic problem can turn into a skin health problem, which requires the involvement of a dermatologist. Aesthetic medicine clinic 4. Dimensija dermatologist diagnoses and treats acute and chronic skin diseases, as well as finds the most suitable solution for the prevention of skin aesthetic problems, helps to choose the most suitable daily skin care products and prescribes an individual skin care or recovery plan.

In the daily practice of the clinic, the dermatologist closely cooperates with the cosmetologist, podologist and body aesthetics specialist. Our goal is to take care of the customer's health and well-being in the long term, solving acute problems as a priority and gradually implementing an individual health maintenance and aesthetics program.

In cases of dermatological diseases, a faster recovery and a better-quality result can be achieved by performing an accurate diagnosis. The dermatologist uses the most modern image diagnostic solutions for accurate diagnosis, control of the course of treatment and assessment of progress. On the other hand, for the prevention of various skin aesthetic defects and problems, the dermatologist uses the most effective combinations of technologies and methods, in case of need – also medicinal therapy.

In the clinic 4. Dimensija dermatologist provides the following services:

  • diagnosis and treatment of skin, nail and hair diseases;
  • annual check-up of new skin formations;
  • diagnosis and removal of skin neoplasms (birthmarks, papillomas, fibroids, etc.);
  • elimination of vascular formations, dilated capillaries, deep vessels, pigments, "port wine" stains;
  • treatment of dry, sensitive, inflamed skin, acne vulgaris;
  • prevention of increased sweating;
  • skin renewal, prevention of signs of aging, smoothing of wrinkles, reduction of scars of various origins;
  • aesthetic injections;
  • removal of permanent make-up and tattoos;
  • removal of excess hair;
  • elimination of ingrown hairs and treatment of inflammatory rashes.

4. Dimensija is part of the largest network of health centres in Latvia – our clinic's dermatologist is also a Veselības centrs 4 (Health Centre 4) dermatologist with access to a wide technology and knowledge base. Cooperation with 4. Dimensija dermatologist means complex care for the customer, involving the resources of all Veselības centrs 4 clinics. When looking for the best skin health specialist, the Veselības centrs 4 dermatologist or 4. Dimensija dermatologist will be an unerring choice. 



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