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Relieving stress is equally important for both health and beauty. A visit to the SPA is the right solution for devoting a short but fulfilling moment of rest to yourself in your busy everyday life.

If you are looking for a SPA in Riga, 4. Dimensija and Liora are just such an oasis of peace and well-being. Between the city walls you can find a newly renovated, elegant SPA complex, as if it was created for a moment of respite alone, for relaxation as a couple or in a small circle of friends. Individually adapted SPA procedures, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi and various types of massages allow you to turn a workday evening into a small holiday. 

4. Dimensija and Liora SPA complex offer


Sauna is a particularly popular heat procedure. In Northern European countries, the sauna has maintained its popularity for centuries. In terms of climate, the sauna resembles hot and dry desert air. The temperature of the sauna is on average 70-80oC.

Sauna and its beneficial effects:

  • low air humidity and high temperature promote sweating and improve metabolism;
  • improved functioning of the immune system;
  • restoration of work capacity after emotional or physical stress;
  • relaxation.

Steam bath or Turkish bath

The steam bath creates a tropical rainforest-like climate. The humidity level of a steam bath can reach up to 100%, while the temperature, compared to a sauna, is lower – ~50oC. A steam bath is suitable for people who like warmth, but too high temperatures cause discomfort.

Beneficial effects of the steam bath:

  • calming and rejuvenating effect;
  • alleviation of muscle and joint tension and pain after intense training or physical exertion;
  • improved blood circulation and tissue supply with oxygen;
  • wet heat can expand the airways, soothes their mucous membranes.

We recommend supplementing the visit to the steam bath with a massage, which effectively affects the warmed muscles and makes the skin especially soft.

Both the sauna and the steam bath do not require long-term, continuous heating – the recommended stay is no longer than 20 minutes.


4. Dimensija and Liora SPA area has a comfortable, spacious two-seater jacuzzi bath. The healing effect of water has been known since ancient times, the gentle massage effect of a jacuzzi bath enhances these properties. The level of well-being and energy after enjoying a jacuzzi is definitely much higher than after relaxing in a home bath.

Immersion in the jacuzzi bath:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • reduces oedema;
  • relieves muscle tension;
  • relieves joint pain;
  • relieves stress and calms.

SPA massages and procedures

In order for the beneficial effect of the sauna and jacuzzi to be complete, it is recommended to supplement the visit to the SPA area with individually tailored SPA procedures. 4. Dimensija and Liora SPA programs are adjusted according to the customer's wishes – energy restoration, tone restoration, relaxation, cleansing, etc. For your well-being, relaxing massages, couple's massages, SPA massages of various effects using the best caring cosmetics, scrubs and oils are available.

Complex SPA offers:

  • SPA relaxation for two;
  • mother and daughter procedures;
  • SPA complex for group events: bachelorette party, celebration with friends, etc.;
  • gift for holidays: birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Women's Day, etc.

Massage bed

Aquatizer” is a hydromassage bed from Japan, which is suitable for those people who value their time or don’t appreciate close contact with the masseur. The hydromassage bed stimulates venous outflow and lymph flow, as well as unloads the muscles and relieves tension. In general, the whole massage procedure soothes and relaxes the body, which is very useful after intense physical load.

Beneficial effects of dry hydromassage:

  • reduction of pain;
  • removal of muscle tension;
  • stress and anxiety are reduced;
  • relaxation of the body;
  • improvement and acceleration of blood circulation and lymph flow.


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