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Pollogen Geneo platform for radiant facial skin

With the beauty care platform Pollogen Geneo of the manufacturer Lumenis (Israel), effective face, décolletage and hand skin care procedures are performed. Within an hour, dull skin becomes naturally radiant, tired skin tone and complexion are improved, while problematic skin regains balance, reducing the appearance of rashes and other cosmetic defects.

The platform combines tripolar radio frequency (RF), OxyGeneo technology and ultrasound. The advantage of the Pollogen Geneo procedure is the patented Capsugen™ capsule technology of active substances and the corresponding serum and special gel for each capsule.

The effect of the procedure depends on the selected product package:

  • GENEO REVIVE – restorative, regenerating program;
  • GENEO BALANCE – for oily and combination skin;
  • GENEO ILLUMINATE VITAMIN C – improvement of facial tone, reduction of pigmentation.

The course of the procedure

  • The procedure begins with the tripolar radiofrequency phase – the thermal effect of RF stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and activates the skin's metabolism.
  • Next is the oxygenation phase – due to the interaction of special capsule preparations, a layer of microscopic CO2 bubbles forms on the gel, which causes oxygenation (Bohr effect) – the treated area is increasingly accessed by oxygen-enriched blood. The phase of the procedure cleans the skin from dead cells and prepares the skin to receive the active ingredients of the serum.
  • At the end of the procedure, an appropriate serum is applied to the treated area, which is introduced with the help of ultrasound, ensuring the absorption of biologically active substances into the skin.

Effect of the procedures:

  • improving cell metabolism;
  • skin rebalancing;
  • improving skin tone, colour and texture.

Areas of effect: face, décolleté area, upper side of the palms.
Course duration: average course duration: 6 procedures once a week, maintenance procedure – once every 2 months. Duration of the procedure: 40-60 min.


  • pregnancy (for RF phase);
  • pacemaker (for RF phase);
  • heart disease;
  • allergy to vitamin C (when choosing the pigmentation reduction program);
  • open wounds;
  • acute inflammation of the skin;
  • skin diseases (acne in the active phase, eczema, acute dermatitis). 



Gita  Gurska

Gita Gurska


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Oksana Rasnaca

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