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"4th Dimension" client loyalty programme

Encouraging the existing and future clients to choose ''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd. as a reliable and professional partner, we have created a client loyalty programme, which will provide an opportunity to take care of your health and beauty on particularly favourable conditions!

This programme involves various special offers and regular discounts, thus providing even more opportunities to receive the best healthcare, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and beauty services.

  • One can become a participant of the loyalty programme and acquire the Client Card at any branch of ''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd., reading the rules of the loyalty programme and filling in the application form.
  • The Client Card is valid starting from the moment of its acquisition and it grants the opportunity to receive regular discounts at all branches and group companies of ''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd. In addition to the permanent discounts, also especially advantageous campaign offers are created, the information on which is sent to the contact information indicated by clients and is also announced on informative channels of ''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd.
  • Acquire the Client Card of ''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd. and receive qualitative healthcare, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and beauty services on particularly favourable conditions!


  • Customer card for children, pensioners, patients with disability certificate– EUR 4.00
  • Customer Card (Family Card) – EUR 10.00
  • Customer Card – EUR 7.00

The offer of permanent discounts is available here

The conditions of the Client Card are available here