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Cosmetologist at the clinic 4. Dimensija and Liora

Cosmetology is science that studies the cosmetic defects of the skin and their treatment. The beauty of the skin is taken care of by a cosmetologist, beautician or facial aesthetician. In practice, this means beauty treatments to improve the condition of the skin and care for the skin to preserve its youth and healthy radiance. Both daily skin care procedures and possibility to improve the condition of problematic skin are available to 4. Dimensija customers, as well as procedures to reduce signs of aging, scars, stretch marks and other cosmetic defects. 

4. Dimensija specialists use the most effective beauty care methods and technologies, as well as professional care products. Both facial procedures and procedures for other areas of the body (back, neck, décolleté, etc.) are available. The cosmetologist adapts these solutions to each customer individually, ensuring maximum effect in a short time.

Cosmetologist’s consultation

The path to a radiant appearance begins with the consultation of a certified cosmetologist (medical practitioner). Although facial procedures are still most demanded, the cosmetologist also takes care of problematic skin on the back and shoulders (this is especially important for teenagers), keeping the skin of the neck and décolleté young, as well as performs various aesthetic procedures for the entire body.

During the consultation, the cosmetologist listens to the customer's wishes, assesses the skin condition, the current skin care routine and, taking into account the customer's health condition and lifestyle characteristics (physical load, frequent travels, nutrition, busyness, resources), develops a skin care plan for the clinic and for home.

The range of cosmetic procedures and products for the reduction and prevention of various aesthetic defects and signs of aging is very wide, starting from professional care cosmetics and various peelings to modern device technologies and injection procedures. By cooperating with a skilled and responsible specialist, it is possible to find the most suitable combination of procedures and products to improve a sagging facial oval, restore the balance of problematic skin, reduce photoaging marks and improve skin tone.

A cosmetologist closely cooperates with medical specialists (dermatologist, allergist, dietician, etc.), because aesthetic defects can also indicate a more serious problem of skin or another organ system.

Consultation duration: 30 minutes


Gita  Gurska

Gita Gurska


Jeļena  Panova

Jeļena Panova

Family doctor, beautician

Oksana Rasnača

Oksana Rasnača

Beauty specialist in cosmetology

Rita Silicka

Rita Silicka



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