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Technical orthopaedist

A technical orthopaedist is a functional specialist most often contacted when people feel changes in condition of feet, gait and posture: turning the foot inwards, changes in big toe bone and position of toes (e. g., hallux valgus, bunion), the heel part of the shoe is worn to one side, posture problems (e. g., scoliosis), etc. In such cases, it is necessary to adjust the specific body part to an anatomically correct position, using various aids (orthoses, special shoe insoles, orthopaedic corsets, etc.). The technical orthopaedist assesses the patient's condition and chooses the most suitable solution.

In addition, a technical orthopaedist is necessary to make individually adapted orthopaedic shoes, as well as to make prostheses after amputation.

Technical orthopaedist at the clinic 4. Dimensija

During the consultation, the specialist listens to the patient's complaints, collects information about symptoms, specifics of work and lifestyle, physical load, as well as family medical history. When coming to the consultation, the patient is advised to bring the previously performed diagnostic examinations, if any.

The technical orthopaedist assesses the patient's posture, gait, range of movements, functional disorders of body joints and assesses the necessity for orthoses, orthopaedic shoes or other aids. The symmetry of the patient's body and the correspondence of the anatomical axes are assessed, the lower and upper extremities are examined using a posturometer and a podoscope. During the consultation, podometry is carried out, as well as the amount of movement is assessed in knee, hip and lower extremity joints.

4. Dimensija offers digital podometry, which allows to assess the load on the foot, its movement disorders and the support area both at rest and dynamically (while walking). Examination data is automatically analysed and saved, allowing the evaluation of the treatment process during the therapy.

Technical orthopaedic solutions are used:

  • to treat pathologies;
  • to correct or compensate deformation;
  • to relieve pressure areas.


Svetlana Bogdanova

Svetlana Bogdanova

Technical orthopedist


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