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Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a classic and effective method that is often used as a basic procedure when starting body silhouette sculpting and anti-cellulite therapy. Lymphatic drainage is one of the few procedures that can also be performed on pregnant women (starting with the second trimester – lymphatic drainage for the legs). Lymphatic drainage activates the body's physiological processes, this method is also used in treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of certain diseases. For people with a sedentary lifestyle, lymphatic drainage is recommended as a preventive procedure.

Lymphatic drainage effect:

  • improved blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • fight against cellulite, oedema and accumulation of excess fluid;
  • strengthening of connective tissue;
  • improvement of skin tone;
  • reduced body volume;
  • reducing fatigue;
  • improved removal of end products of cell metabolism from the body.

How does lymphatic drainage work?

During mechanical lymphatic drainage, the legs or the whole body are massaged with variable air pressure. Special lymphatic drainage boots or overall are connected to a machine that generates compressed air. Air is automatically and evenly pushed into the cuffs, creating gentle, rhythmic pressure waves. During general lymphatic drainage, a mechanically dosed air flow is compressed in the direction from the feet to the hips, from the palms to the waist. The lymphatic drainage equipment used in 4. Dimensija clinic allows you to individually program the parameters of the procedure.

The beneficial effect of lymphatic drainage can be observed already after the first procedure: a feeling of lightness occurs throughout the body, the skin becomes smoother, thanks to the oedema-reducing effect, the volume of the body can decrease by 1-2 cm.

Course duration: The duration of the lymphatic drainage course is 10-20 procedures once or twice a week, depending on the aesthetic or medical indications.


  • acute skin inflammations;
  • thrombophlebitis (inflammation of a vein associated with the formation of blood clots);
  • oncology;
  • heart failure;
  • venous insufficiency.


Anda Gaile

Anda Gaile

Body aesthetics specialist

Inese Matvejenko

Inese Matvejenko

Masseuse, Body aesthetics specialist

Laura Stengrevica

Laura Stengrevica

Beautician, Body aesthetics specialist


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