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Trichologist (hair treatment)

Hair health and beauty is more than just choosing the right shampoo and hairdresser. When facing the long-term hair and scalp problems, it is recommended to consult a trichologist – a physician who diagnoses and treats hair and scalp diseases.

When is a visit to a trichologist necessary?

Hair problems affect both women and men, and their cause can be external factors (improper care, pollution) or diet, hormonal background, heredity, medications and bad habits. Hair loss and other problems can also be a symptom of serious diseases.

Therefore, we urge you not to ignore the problem and not to engage in self-treatment, but to visit a specialist if:

  • you notice increased hair loss in a short period of time;
  • you notice hair loss in form of areas (bare areas are formed on the scalp);
  • you notice long-term hair loss (longer than three months);
  • scabs, inflammation are formed on the scalp, apparent itching is felt;
  • the amount of hair decreases irreversibly.

How is the hair treated?

During the visit, the trichologist listens to the patient's complaints, collects an anamnesis, performs or refers the patient to the necessary examinations: trichoscopy, blood tests, trichogram, inoculation, biopsy. Having collected and analysed the obtained information, the trichologist determines the further treatment plan.

Depending on the specific hair or scalp problem, the trichologist will offer different treatment methods:

  • drug therapy;
  • laser therapy;
  • plasma injections into the scalp;
  • mesotherapy for hair growth stimulation;
  • hair transplantation (consulted and performed by a surgeon, hair transplantation specialist).

Topical! Hair loss after recovering from Covid-19

The effects of Covid-19 on health tend to manifest a long time after recovering from virus. Hair loss after contracting Covid-19 is a frequent phenomenon. Although hair loss after Covid-19 is not permanent and in most cases hair grows back over time, the factors exacerbated or caused by Covid-19 can hinder growth of healthy hair. A trichologist's consultation is recommended to take care of the health of hair after the recovery. A trichologist can prescribe various examinations to ascertain the underlying problem: complete blood picture, determining mineral and vitamin levels, thyroid examinations, diagnosis of associated illnesses, etc. Having collected the information, the trichologist will recommend the most suitable solution for promoting hair growth and strengthening hair (lotions, nutritional supplements, medications, procedures). Additional examinations and consultations with other specialists (for example, endocrinologist, nutritionist) may be necessary.


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