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Laser therapy

Aesthetic laser therapy

Laser therapy used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine is one of the most effective methods. Modern laser systems are precise and selective, guaranteeing a high level of treatment results and safety.

Laser therapy provides an opportunity to solve aesthetic problems and eliminate them with minimal or no cosmetic defects. Lasers have a unique ability to produce one specific colour of light (wavelength), which can be individually tailored to each patient in terms of strength and duration of exposure. This specific laser beam acts only on the defect that the patient wants to get rid of, without affecting the surrounding tissues and the body as a whole. Laser therapy means high-precision procedures that do not injure healthy tissue.
The effect depends on the wavelength, power, mode of operation of the lasers.


  • a wide range of modern technologies;
  • individually adjustable procedures;
  • noticeable and fast effect;
  • laser therapy does not leave a negative impact on the body. 

Laser therapy for solving skin health and aesthetic problems:

  • Correction of scars in all areas of the body and scalp

with FRAXEL re-store 1550 nm laser, IPL device (Alma harmony XL), radio frequency solutions (INFINI, eTwo, Alma Accent Prime) and injections.

  • Elimination of vascular formations, dilated capillaries (on the body and face) and persistent redness

with Nd:YAG 1064 nm laser and IPL device (Alma harmony XL), alexandrite laser (Clarity)

  • Adjunctive treatment of inflammatory acne rashes

with the latest generation of chemical peeling and IPL device (Alma harmony XL).

  • Removal of tattoos and permanent make-up

with Q-Swich ruby laser (Sinon ruby), Nd:YAG laser (Alma harmony XL, Alma Q).

  • Correction of pigmentation problems

with Q-Swich ruby laser (Sinon ruby), IPL device (Alma harmony XL), Nd:YAG laser, alexandrite laser (Clarity), FRAXEL re-store procedures, chemical peeling and specialized medical cosmetics.

  • Laser therapy for complex rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté area: restoration of skin colour, tone and structure, skin tightening or lifting, correction of wrinkles and larger wrinkles, tightening of enlarged pores

using IPL therapy (Alma Harmony XL), fractional laser plastic surgery (FRAXEL re-store), and therapeutic restorative chemical peeling, as well as Clear Lift procedures (Alma Harmony XL, Alma Q), radio frequency solutions with INFIN and eTwo.

  • Removal of excess hair

with an alexandrite laser (Clarity Lutonic, Alma Soprano ICE).

  • Correction of stretch marks

with the effect of several technology complexes: IPL device (Alma Harmony XL), fractional laser plastic surgery, chemical tissue ablation, radio frequency (Syneron Candela eTwo, Alma Accent Prime), vacuum massage.



Diana Plise

Diana Plise


Egija Vasilišina

Egija Vasilišina

Resident doctor in dermatovenerology

Anastasija  Oša

Anastasija Oša

Resident doctor in dermatovenerology


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