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Podologist at the clinic 4. Dimensija

A podologist is a highly qualified specialist (medical practitioner) who performs therapeutic pedicures – prevention of foot and nail diseases, problems caused by external factors, as well as preventive care of feet and toenails, a podologist can also provide manicure services. Podology specialists of the clinic 4. Dimensija work with maximum care, using the latest generation of podology equipment and therapeutic foot care products. The customer is provided with the hygiene standards of a medical institution, thus a high level of safety and service.

Podologist – the safest choice!

A podologist is a medical practitioner. Even during a preventive visit, such a specialist is able to spot not only cosmetic defects, but also possible medical problems and risk factors and refer the customer to the relevant specialist (e. g., suspicious skin and vascular formations, signs of dermatological and endocrinological diseases, manifestations of allergies, etc.).

A podologist deals with:

  • prevention, care, rehabilitation, treatment of problematic feet;
  • diabetic foot care;
  • liquidation of corn; 
  • treatment of skin thickening; 
  • ingrown toenail treatment;
  • nail correction; 
  • treatment of nails damaged by fungi;
  • laser treatment of nail fungus (dermatologist consultation required);
  • treatment of skin cracks;
  • nail prosthesis;
  • nail polishing after treatment, etc.

A podologist and the services they provide are especially valuable for diabetic patients, where foot care requires special knowledge and skills, and for the elderly, for whom proper care of their feet and nails is a physical challenge. Well-groomed feet and comfort increase a person's quality of life and emotional well-being.

Manicure in the podologist's office 

The podologists of the clinic 4. Dimensija perform professional and thorough manicure. Customers of the clinic can be 100% sure that the performed manicure will be safe, the tools will be sterile and all hygiene requirements will be met.

Manicure services (for ladies and gentlemen):

  • cosmetic manicure;
  • therapeutic manicure;
  • nail polish with classic nail polishes;
  • manicure with gel polish (so-called gel nails).

Disinfection of shoes 

Podology office of the clinic 4. Dimensija has a KLENZ shoe disinfection device designed for destruction of microbes, bacteria and fungi in shoes. During one visit, the customer has the opportunity to take care of both his feet and shoes.


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