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Ilze Runce

Ilze Runce

Surgeon, hair transplantologist

Perform a hair, brow and beard transplant. Works with both elective and acute patients. Provides paid and paid services by insurance companies.

Education and work experience

  • 1989-1995

    Training at the Latvian Institute of medicine in obtaining a doctor's degree

  • 1996-2001

    Completes a full residency course at the Latvian medical Academy, obtaining a surgeon qualification

  • 2005-2013

    Surgeon at hospital "Linezers"

  • 1996-

    On-duty surgeon at P. Stradiņš University Clinical Hospital

  • 2013

    Underwent training in hair transplantation at EASHRS (Euro-Asian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)

  • 2013-2017

    Works in the field of hair transplantation at "Rubenhair Baltica" Ltd.

  • 2017-2021

    Surgeon at "Kuldīgas slimnīca" Ltd., head of the admission department

  • 2020

    "Premium Medical" Ltd., work in the field of hair transplantation

  • 2021-

    SIA ''Veselības centrs 4'' branch "4th Dimension" general surgeon, hair transplantologist