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Valerija  Gulnika

Valerija Gulnika

Nutrition specialist

Provides consultations of a nutrition specialist, performs bioimpedance and indirect calorimetry examination Cosmed, draws up an individual diet plan for solving various health problems and weight correction. Provides recommendations for observing the basic principles of healthy nutrition on a daily basis.

Experience working both with children and teenagers, as well as with adults and seniors.

Education and work experience

  • Since 2023

    nutrition specialist at ''Veselības centrs 4'' (Health Center 4) branch ''Anti-Aging Institute''

  • 2023

    graduated from Riga Stradiņš University, obtaining a bachelor's degree in health care and the professional qualification of a nutrition specialist

  • 2022

    obtained the qualification of an integrative nutritionist at the INPO SVE International Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • 2019–2023

    practice of a nutrition specialist during studies at Riga Stradiņš University'': at SIA ''Veselības centrs 4'', rehabilitation center ''Līgatne'', P. Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital, Riga East Clinical University Hospital, Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Centre, Children's Clinical University Hospital, Jurmala Hospital

  • 2019

    graduated from Liepāja State Technical School

  • Member of Association of Nutritionists and health Coaches