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Massages and taping in the clinic 4. Dimensija

Massage has long been used as a mean of healing, relaxation and beauty care. A skilfully performed massage relieves pain, improves metabolism, reduces swelling, calms and relieves stress and fatigue.

The most common types of massages are therapeutic massage, SPA massage and relaxing massage. These massages have different effects and require specialists with different qualifications to perform them. Aesthetic medicine clinic 4. Dimensija offers all types of popular massages and the best specialists. In addition, in the clinic 4. Dimensija it is possible to combine the gentle effects of massage and water, enjoying the underwater massage service.

Muscle tension and discomfort caused by injuries can also be reduced by medical taping – applying a flexible self-adhesive bandage in a special way. 

The 4. Dimensija clinic will help you recover your health and strength using:


Zanda Lapiņa

Zanda Lapiņa

Masseur, Body aesthetics specialist

Inese Matvejenko

Inese Matvejenko

Masseuse, Body aesthetics specialist


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